History of the JIRKA a spol., s.r.o. company


The JIRKA a spol., s.r.o. company can be proud of a rich history dating back to 1936, when the forge was founded by the Jirka brothers. Gradually, the forge's main product range became production of axes and hand tools, which were exported all over the world under the trademarks JIRKA and TIGRE.

However, the World War II stopped the promising development of the company as well as any other plans to expand its production. Shortly after the end of the war the company was nationalized by the state.

JIRKA a spol., s.r.o. was founded in 1999 continuing the tradition of the original B. Jirka a spol. company. The original orientation of the company, i.e. production of die forgings, later supplemented by CNC machining, was extended by the import of meters and their calibration in 2002.

For imported meters, the company always prioritized the quality of the meters over their price.

For this reason, a calibration laboratory was established in the company in 2007. It performs calibrations of the meters imported by the JIRKA a spol. company. At the same time you can order calibrations of meters from other suppliers.

Thanks to extensive experience in the field of digital measuring instruments the company began to deal with its own development and production of these devices.

Therefore digital readouts of the BC series and magnetic sensors of the TMLS-25B-02 series were launched in 2008. Later, magnetic sensors with a resolution of up to 1 micron were introduced to the market. Based on long-term and very intensive development, the company launched its own magnetic tape production line in 2020. Magnetic tapes produced by JIRKA a spol., s.r.o. are characterized by high accuracy, which enables now to replace optical sensors with magnetic ones. An advantage of such a solution is high resistance of the scales to dust and liquids while maintaining high measurement accuracy. For tapes with a pole length of 2 mm, a control protocol is automatically supplied.

In the field of digital readouts, the company has completed development of digital readouts of the TS-MAX series. This is a completely innovative approach in this field.

Unlike other manufacturers which supply digital readouts with a color LCD screen, but the readout is always basically just a graphically enhanced digital readout with a LED display, the readouts of the TS-MAX series are controlled via a touch screen. Thanks to this, control of the digital readouts is very intuitive and user friendly and the readouts offer functions which the classic readouts can never contain. At the same time, the readouts of the TS-MAX-LITE series are also produced. This readout can be connected to any monitor or a TV screen with the  HDMI input. Thanks to this variant a very affordable readout with an unlimited large monitor can be obtained.