JT12A-B Digital measuring projector

JT12A-B Digital measuring projector

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Product description


  • clear image, accurate magnification, easy to carry out comparative measurement
  • with a non-spherical condenser lighting system, the visual field of the projector screen is bright and even, by thus to reduce measurements error and guarantee the accuracy
  • long-life halogen tungsten lamps are adopted to satisfy the requirement of long time usage of the projector. With axial flow blowers fans, the bilateral heat radiation provides super radiating performance
  • DS600 multi-function digital readout is available for selection
  • built in micro-printer


Technical specification:

Screen diameter: 300 mm
Rotation range: 0° ~ 360°
Resolution of the rotary angle:
Accuracy of the rotary angle:
Worktable area: 340 x 152 mm
Range of X-coordinate: 150 mm
Range of Y-coordinate: 50 mm
Range of Z-coordinate: 80 mm (zaostření)
Accuracy of the instrument: (3+L/75) um, „L“ - length of the workpiece measured (units:mm)


Magnification power Objective visual field Objective working distance
10 x dia. 30 75
20 x dia. 15 69
50 x dia. 6 26
100 x dia. 3 26



Standard delivery:

  • objective with magnification power 10 x + mirror


Optional accessories:

  • objective with magnification power 20x + mirror
  • objective with magnification power 50 x + mirror
  • objective with magnification power 100 x + mirror
  • V-prism
  • Rotary table