JVB150 video measuring machine

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JVB150 video measuring machine

JVB150 video measuring machine

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Product description

Series of Manual Video Measuring Machine



  • high accuracy granite base with higher strength and stability, unique workbench design, attractive appearance
  • precise transmission to eliminate lead screw clearance to ensure comfortable rotation and gapless of hand wheel
  • lens: 0.7x - 4.5x
  • suitable for measuring mobile accessories, hom appliances, machine parts, precision clamps, plastics, hardware, products related to computer, precision stamping parts etc.


Technical speficication:

Travel X x Y x Z (mm) 150 x 100 x 100
Overall dimensions (mm) 480 x 460 x 620
Weight (kg) 75
Table load capacity (kg) 10
Resolution 1 μm
Measurement accuracy X,Y: (3+L/200) μm
Repeatability 2 μm
Operation mode Manual
Magnification Optical magnification: 0.7 ~ 4.5x, imagne magnification: 28 x ~ 180 x
Camera 470 000 pixels, colorful CCD
Light source Programmable LED cold light